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    Hawcroft Consulting International Group commenced undertaking insurance risk surveys in 1992, under the business name of Hawcroft Consulting. The early work was focused mainly on the underground and open cut coal industry in NSW and Queensland. The business expanded its involvement into the Australian metalliferous mining industry and has increasingly, in recent years, taken on a significant international role, covering all aspects of mining, processing, materials handling and infrastructure across every continent from our offices in Australia, USA, UK and Mexico.

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    Hawcroft undertakes insurance risk surveys, construction risk reviews, asset criticality and specialty assessments for a wide variety of mining, processing, materials handling, power, refining, port and rail operations, worldwide. These reviews include:


    • Both open cut and underground operations in coal, metalliferous, evaporites
    • Underground critical controls for ground control, methane explosions, dust explosions and spontaneous combustion
    • Detailed assessment of draglines
    • Processing, conveying, coal stockpiling and reclaiming, rail loading, transport and shiploading
    • Open stoping and block caving operations
    • Hoisting and ventilation systems and infrastructure


    Hawcroft reports are valued within the industry for internal purposes. We work with many operations directly on their internal risk assurance programs to assist them to improve the risk profile of their business units. Our aim is to conduct our business with the minimal impact on operations whilst producing a quality product and service to the client.